Concert: Janelle Monáe & Guests

Friday July 23, 2010 Slightly Raining

1:37pm: Depart New York via Greyhound bus.
5:57pm: Arrive Hartford, CT (1 hour and 50 min. late).
6:10pm: Concert starts at Bushnell Park - Hartford's 375th: Still Wavy After All These Years.
6:15pm: Anna Mae and Brian consider missing the prepaid bus back to New York scheduled for 10:00pm in case Janelle Monáe starts late and opt for the 12:00am bus instead. The new plan includes Anna Mae crying on command just in case.
7:42pm: Host announces that a thunderstorm is coming in 15 minutes.
7:57pm: Thunderstorm arrives, Anna Mae and Brian take out umbrellas and are not happy campers.
8:01pm: It is pissing rain!!!
9:22pm: Rain stops, show goes on, we are still wet but our cameras are safe.
10:14pm: Janelle Monáe makes her entrance. Anna Mae's heart starts to pound and Brian starts screaming like a girl (on the inside).
11:37pm: Show ends, we're happy, and start the short walk to the bus depot.
11:48pm: Sit inside bus terminal, however confused that the sign says the bus is coming at 12:30am. But we figure that someone will make an announcement that the bus has arrived.

Saturday July 24, 2010

12:20am: No announcement is made, no bus waiting, the terminal is almost empty, so we decide to wait outside for the 12:30am bus instead.
12:30am: A bus does not arrive.
12:31am: We really start questioning if a bus is ever going to come.
12:35am: A woman going to NYC approaches us about the bus situation. She has it even worse off than us because she has a plane to catch at 6:00am which she is definitely not going to make. We become a trio waiting for the bus.
1:10am: No bus and the hunger pains are really starting to kick in. As well as delirium.
2:22am: Slipping in and out of consciousness.
3:13am: Are we really still here???
4:00am: The bus finally arrives and we are on our way back to NYC.
6:22am: Arrive at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. NYC is wide awake with the city bustling.
6:30am: Anna Mae and Brian sleepwalk into the subway.
7:12am: Arrive at home and finally get to sleep.
12:36pm: Wake up. Did all of that really just happen?

Thank goodness I wasn't alone during all of this.  Brian, new concert buddy for life.

For more photos, click here.

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