SVA Impact!: Design for Social Change - Day 1

The first day was finally upon us and I don't think it really hit me yet as to the type of groundbreaking program I've been accepted into. No other institution in North America has organized an intensive summer program focusing solely on the conception and execution of real-life projects for social change and I'm extremely excited to be part of it's inaugural launch. I have classmates from all over the United States, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Bosnia, and Australia; all ranging from design, architecture, and business disciplines. And I'm the only Canadian!

The first day was filled with free swag, housekeeping rules, and icebreakers, but of course being in New York it was all done with style, right down to the catering! I look forward to "living" at SVA and openly welcome the brand new and exciting things I will be learning from the amazing line-up of guest lecturers and picking the brains of my insightful classmates, all of whom have a genuine desire to make a change in the world.

This is going to be the best summer yet... the most expensive, but the best nonetheless!

Impact! Design for Social Change


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