SVA Impact!: Week 2

As the initial wonder and excitement of my first days in New York slowly escapes me (but I still walk around starry-eyed), this past week has managed to knock the stars out of my eyes.  I am here to work.

The term "intensive program" has really come to fruition.  We've identified our two projects (personal and team), continue to pursue client meetings, attend field trips, sit in multiple lectures, and somehow find time for the "suggested" reading (3 recommended books a week!).  I find myself at school nearly 10 hours of my day (not including the 1 hour commute each way) and by the time I get home I'm ready to collapse.  Not to mention that I try to make it out to the Bronx every chance I get to research our project and to generally hang out since I really love the group of people out there doing good things.

But this is why I came here.  I applied to be filled with information, listen to amazing guest lecturers, meet worldly like-minded individuals, and to be challenged in my own capabilities as a human being to make a difference in the world.  I asked for it and I got it.

I did however manage to find time to watch Inception at Times Square.  Amazing, but it made me think even more instead of help relax my mind!  But I guess that's what weekends are for!  Time to set aside "School Anna Mae" and bring out "Weekend Anna Mae!"


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